What is Pizza 4 Python?

Pizza4Python provides a biweekly space on campus for VU life scientists to drop-in and practice programming together over pizzas.

P4P is located in the O|2 building on campus. For exact locations and times, please check the Events Calendar. You can join us anytime you like!

In general, the schedule for a P4P night is the following:

17.00-17.15: walk-in
17.15-17.30: start-up activity + ordering pizza
17.30-18.00: lecture from a speaker
18.00-18.15: break
18.15-19.15: programming time
19.15-19.20: closing round

At Pizza4Python (P4P):

  1. Everyone is welcome to drop-in and use the space during meetings.
  2. Use our drop-in to self-pace & teach yourself to code & collaborate.
  3. Python, R and community are free, but the pizza is sadly not.

What if I’m an absolute beginner to programming? There will always be a friendly face to help you get installed & started. Plus we can suggest you some online learning resources. Just bring your laptop, charger, and headphones… that’s really all you need to get started at P4P!

But, what if I don’t work in Python?  No worries! People come to work on diverse online courses (MOOCs), personal projects or their VU coursework material using R, SQL, MATLAB … (the list is growing every month!). It is early days yet.

But what if I don’t feel like eating pizza? Since we are often working past 6, you might get hungry! But if you don’t want to order pizza with us, then you can surely bring your own food to microwave… or grab something at AH2go next door

What if I can’t come every time, or on time? Pizza4Python is a drop-in. Of course you will get more out of the community if you join us regularly. But coming when you can, will surely get you further than not getting started at all!

You can sign up for our Pizza4Python community #discord: and will find small, bite (or slice)-sized weekly exercises on our Github

Tell others at P4P about your projects and code you’ve been writing lately. You could bring along or make a new friend at P4P.. or even find a new project collaborator to help you out on your research!

Social media: insta-filter or tweet your pizza 4 python pics so we can get the word out there… … … @Pizza4PythonVU

[We are currently ordering pizza from Il delfino blu around 17.15 each P4P… the average (shareable) pizza would set you back ~10 euro.]

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