Collaborative Projects @ P4P

Are you a life scientist who has a bite-sized project that our P4P master students could get involved with? Or would you like to design a programming tutorial?

Please send us an email or come by, so we can brainstorm ideas. We’re just getting started at P4P, but we currently have a biweekly pool of ~20 MSc students from VU life sciences who regularly attend P4P. Designing a small student project or coding tutorial is a great way to improve your own python or teaching skills.

Check out our Pizza4Python Github (still under construction) as we add new little projects and exercises that we’ve been working on. You could add courseware, assignments or tutorials to this for fellow P4P’ers

Do you need a regular space for you and your colleagues to come, sit and brainstorm or work together on building a workflow or group project? Bring them to P4P!

Invite your colleagues or classmates and come get started. The space is yours! Join our #Discord to keep up-to-date.