Why P4P?

Are your programming skills getting your life sciences down?

We know all-too-well that anxieties, lack-of-emphasis during training, or simply finding time can be big hurdles to diving into a new programming language or getting analysis projects off the ground.

So we’ve created a biweekly, low-threshold drop-in space for MSc students and early life scientists [on campus] so you can come & practice or work on your own projects right after lab.

Every evening will start with an interesting lecture about a topic fitting for our life sciences programs (Biomedical Sciences, Biomolecular Sciences and Neurosciences). During the second part of the evening there is self-study.

Self-directed learning, collaboration and regular practice are all key elements when improving your programming skills. This is why we think that by combining all 3 of these with pizza, that we’re onto something tasty!

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