A first-timer’s guide to P4P

  1. Find the hosts and tell them why you came to P4P.
  2. Decide whether you want to start with our list of suggested resources, or if you prefer to use your own materials.
  3. Sign up for #Discord (& download the app). This keeps you up-to-date about P4P.
  4. Find your way around the Pizza4Python Github.
  5. Introduce yourself to some people sitting near you.
  6. Maybe order some pizza.
  7. Set a bite-sized goal for your first Pizza4Python.
    • Else how will know if it was a success?
  8. If it is all part of your process, put on those headphones and find some decent music.
  9. Get started! Ask for help often.
  10. Oh, …. repeat all this biweekly.

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